Learn to Preserve the Harvest

Aug 22, 2022
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Learn to Preserve the Harvest

Late summer is a season of abundance. Fresh, local fruits and vegetables are in their prime. Make this delicious bounty last all year round with simple preserving techniques.

Yes, preserving food can be intimidating. It is a science and requires the correct ingredients and recipe to ensure harmful bacteria doesn’t form on your food. That’s why it is important to reference trusted materials when you are new to these techniques. But with reliable resources, you too can master preserving!

Try your hand at canning, drying, pickling and more. These books and online resources will walk you through the basics of preserving and provide simple recipes to get you started.

Books and Resources on Preserving

Creative Bug

carrots in jars

This video-based platform is brimming with easy-to-follow tutorials for just about every creative pursuit—including preserving. Sign in with your BPL card to access lessons on pickling carrots, preserving tomatoes, and making jam. Search Creative Bug for tutorials

Ball Canning Back to Basics

Ball canning cover. Text over pinkish orange jar of grapefruit marmalade.

Ball is a classic for a reason. This company has stood the test of time for their reliable products and recipes. Check out this book for an overview of canning basics for beginners. It is an excellent reference for canning safety. Find it in our catalogue.

The Canning Kitchen – 101 Simple Small Batch Recipes

The Canning Kitchen book cover. Text on jar of deep red jam.

Start small! When we think of preserving, we often conjure images of long days toiling over a hot stove. Canning in small batches is a great way to try new flavour combinations and get comfortable with new skills. This book offers some delicious recipes for just that! Find it in our catalogue.

Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning

Colour blocked cover for Preserving Food. Green and blue background with white text.

This book isn’t flashy, but it does the trick. Learn a variety of trusted techniques from a collective of French farmers. These low-tech, back to basics recipes require minimal equipment. Find it in our catalogue.

Batch - Over 200 Recipes, Tips & Techniques for a Well-Preserved Kitchen

This book is a feast for the eyes and stomach. Batch takes a deep dive into several preserving techniques. This beautiful book also offers options for scaling your recipes from simple to sumptuous. Find it in our catalogue.

Time to get cooking!

Whether you’re just starting out with preserving, or looking to level up your skills, a great book can both educate and inspire. Flip through pages of beautiful photos and dream about all the delectable ways you can preserve the harvest. Then try out one or two new recipes!

Find more fantastic books on preserving of all types in our catalogue.