Accessibility Aids & Devices

Accessibility Aids & Devices

For people with vision impairment or who have reading difficulties, we have adaptive aids and devices available to help make it easier to read print text and improve reading accessibility.

Most of our adaptive technology is available to use in the library only. For technology that you can borrow, please return it in person to a staff member to avoid accidental damage, not in a drop box or return slot.

Adaptive Reading Formats


Digital talking books with added features to support readers with low or no vision. Use with DAISY reader.

Large Print Books

A wide selection of books with large type, from blockbuster novels to non-fiction on popular topics.

Braille Books for Children

Board and picture books with read-along Braille text and popular stories for kids in the primary grades.

Reading Aids

white figure in an orange circle with text that reads reachdeck toolbar

ReachDeck Online Toolbar

Useful for people who need online reading support and those who prefer to listen to information.

C-Pen Reader | Temporarily Unavailable

A portable device that scans and reads text aloud. Borrow from staff at the check-out desk at your branch.


Computer software tailored for low vision users. Enlarges, enhances, and reads aloud everything on the screen.

Optelec Clearview CCTV Machine

Magnifies type to help you read print magazines, newspapers, books, letters, documents and more.

SARA CE Text Reader

A scanning and reading appliance that quickly converts printed text to spoken text in various languages.