Tech Lending Collection

Tech Lending Collection

We have technology you can borrow and take home or use in the library. Customers accept full responsibility for the technology and accessories they borrow, including damage, misuse, or loss. When it's time to return the item, please return the technology in person to a staff member to avoid accidental damage, not in a drop box or return slot.

When you return the device, staff will check it for damage and make sure it's in good working condition. Once returned, devices are wiped clean or refreshed, if applicable, to protect your privacy. Any documents stored on devices while in use will be erased.

We expect all library users to use the Internet responsibly and comply with BPL's Internet Use Policy.

Borrow Technology to Take Home


Borrow a full-sized 9.7 inch iPad preloaded with a variety of popular apps. Take on your next trip!

Digital Radon Detector

Screen your home for radon gas and monitor radon levels in real time over the 28-day loan period.

CO2 Monitor

Measure CO2 level, temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure in any indoor environment.

Kill A Watt Monitor

Discover the amount of electricity your plug-in appliances are using to help identify potential savings.

WiFi Hotspot

It's portable to pack and easy to use, Borrow a hotspot for instant WiFi access for your computer or device.


It's ready to use! Comes with a charger and carrying case. Pair it with a WiFi hotspot to use anywhere.

Fitbit Charge 5

Get motivated to reach your personal health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, sleep, and more.

Use In the Library

iPad Pro

Fully-charged and loaded with accessibility apps like aidColors, OneClickdigital, and Read2go.


With your BPL card, borrow a Chromebook the check-out desk to use inside the library. At Central only.


Check-out a MacBook to use at Aldershot, Alton, Brant Hills, New Appleby & Tansley Woods branches.