Seriously Good Series for Young Readers

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Aug 8, 2022
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Seriously Good Series for Young Readers

Maybe it was The Chronicles of Narnia, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, or The Hunger Games. Or perhaps Encyclopedia Brown, The Baby-Sitters Club, Goosebumps, or Junie B. Jones. Many of us can fondly recall the series that enthralled, delighted, disgusted, or horrified our younger selves—and awakened a lifelong love of reading.

Whether the young reader in your life is looking for their next great reading adventure or has yet to discover the book that'll hook them, check out these new series.

These selections come from our print and digital collections. You can borrow physical copies from your local branch or download a digital version using an app or website. 

Digital Downloads

OverDrive is our most popular source for digital books. OverDrive books can be read on your laptop or downloaded onto your tablet, phone, or eReader and accessed using Libby, OverDrive's app.

We also have a great digital resource for pre-teens and teens called TeenBookCloud. This platform curates books just for this age range, including a fantastic selection of graphic novels and series. 

Check out these sensational series

Dragon Masters | Grades 1-3

book cover with smiling brown dragon looking down at a boy with high mountains in the background.

Dragon Masters has it all! Dragons, a Dragon Stone, a king, a wizard and magic! Follow along with four eight-year-old Dragon Masters-in-training and learn how they connect with their dragons and how they discover their dragon’s special powers. Is your young reader keen on fantasy and the creatures that come with it? Explore the full series by Tracey West.

Zoey and Sassafras | Grades 1-3

book cover of girl with curly brown hair standing behind a table that has an orange cat, small green fire-breathing dragon, and a stack of seven books on it.

Meet Zoey, a would-be veterinarian, and her side kick Sassafras. Together they help a new magical animal with a problem that must be solved using science. This set is a great way to spark a love of both science and reading. Perfect for animal lovers too! Explore the full series by Asia Ciro.

The Lost Rainforest | Grades 4-6

book cover of a black spotted wild cat standing on a rock in a jungle with an ancient step pyramid in the background. The heads of four jungle animals are located in each corner of the cover.

An action-packed and hilarious animal fantasy adventure that introduces readers to some realities of the animal kingdom. This series will both tickle your funny bone and warm your heart. Explore the full series by Eliot Schrefer.

The Misewa Saga | Grades 4-6

book cover of two people, a brown bear, and a grey squirrel, all wearing winter clothes and walking upright in a snowy field at night.

The series follows two Indigenous foster children, Morgan and Eli, who discover a secret portal in an unfinished attic room. It takes them to the frozen world of the Misewa, a community in crisis. David A. Robertson weaves a captivating tale that will invite young readers into a new world and way of thinking. Explore the full series by David Robertson.

CHERUB | Grades 7-8

book cover of a youth wearing a black hoodie and organge t-shirt with cuts and bandages on their face and high-rise buildings at night in the background.

Welcome to CHERUB, a division of the British Security Service that employs children, predominantly orphans, age 10 to 17, as intelligence agents. Follow the CHERUB agents as they slip under adult radar and obtain information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail. This series builds a world that almost feels like a video game. Introduce it to your gamer book worms. Explore the full series by Robert Muchamore

Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond | Grades 7-8

book cover with a dark-haired young woman holding a bow and arrow and standing on the head of a hissing giant gold cobra with three more snakes on each side, set against a dark city silhouette background.

Meet Kiranmala, interdimensional demon slayer! Turns out there might be some truth to her parents' fantastical stories-like how Kiranmala is a real Indian princess and how she comes from a secret place not of this world. This empowering series stretches gender stereotypes and imagination. Explore the full series by Sayantani DasGupta

And when they want more—more—more!

To feed their craving for more books in a series, just ask us! Our friendly staff members are always happy to suggest titles that will engage your reader.

Want more recommendations at the click of a button? Browse through the Novelist 2022 Kids’ Faves (So Far) booklist. This list is compiled by EBSCO, an online database that includes an excellent book recommendation feature. Enter your age range and preferences, and ta-da, you've got a list of terrific titles, just for you! This online resource is always available through BPL with your library card.