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Mother’s Day Gifts With a MakerSpace Twist

As April showers ease into May flowers, it’s a good reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14th, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate cherished moms and mother figures in your life. If you're looking for gift inspiration, consider adding a personal touch using BPL's MakerSpace this year.

Whether it’s a particular photograph that sparks a happy memory or you want to create an original design to show Mom how much you care, MakerSpace is here to help you create a beautiful gift. Here are a few simple and affordable gift ideas that will help make Mother's Day extra special.

Picture Perfect

Our large format printer is stocked with glossy and satin photo paper for enlarging your favourite photos. Big (up to 41.5” wide) or small, your vibrant photos can be printed, ready to be framed or displayed. Try engraving a photo onto a wooden canvas using the laser cutter for a different look.

Creative With Canvas

One of the newer additions to our MakerSpace is printing on canvas using our vinyl printer. Canvas prints are a terrific way to add a professional feel to homemade artwork displayed in your house or office. For example, here’s how one toddler's 'abstract' artwork became a memorable gift for one lucky mom.

First, the picture was scanned as a jpg image and then printed on canvas using our vinyl printer for $7.65. Next, the canvas printout was trimmed to fit an existing canvas bought at an art supply store for about $4.

The old canvas was removed from the purchased frame using pliers and a slot screwdriver, and the new canvas was stapled on using a staple gun.

And in under an hour, a beautiful piece of homemade artwork was ready for gift wrapping!

Learn to Make More

To learn more about creating your own pieces, visit the MakerSpace web page for all the equipment options, file requirements, and materials costs.

And don’t be shy with your questions! You can contact our helpful MakerSpace staff by calling 905.639.3611 extension 1302 or emailing us.