Hunt For These Hidden Gems
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Hunt For These Hidden Gems

Join us as we close out 2022 with a bookish battle featuring exceptional reads you might have missed. 

Our annual Hidden Gems tournament works like this:

  • Sixteen Burlington Public Library staff members each chose one great book that flew under the radar this year.
  • In a Battle Royale-style tournament, these books will go head-to-head in sets of two, with each champion pitching their read for viewer votes.
  • The top book from each pairing will proceed to the next round until we are left with one final winner.

Here’s how you can take part

Head over to our Instagram account and Twitter account pages. Watch the pitch videos each day and click “yes” in the poll if you would read the book. You can vote yes for one, both, or neither pitch each day.

The book with the most “yes” votes each day will move on to the next round.

Do you love a book and want to make sure it sees the next round? Share our social media post with your followers so they can vote too!

Add these titles to your TBR!

December is a great time to build your TBR or “To Be Read” list for the following year. Many book lovers have a ritual of creating a list of books they hope to complete in the next twelve months.

Do some of our Hidden Gems titles sound like must-reads to you? Log in to your library account and place a hold by clicking the button under each book’s description. These picks have been carefully selected by our library staff so you won’t be disappointed!

Happy reading!