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Research your Burlington home or property with resources located in the Burlington History Room at Central branch. Researching an address may require some serious digging in order to piece the story together, but the results are rewarding

What we have

  • Telephone directories: Burlington phone books list names, addresses, and telephone numbers. We have 1978-2006 phone books and the Bell Canada Telephone Historical Collection covering 1878 to 1979 on microfilm.

  • City Directories: City directories help researchers trace individuals, families, and businesses. They usually include an alphabetical listing of adult residents, with their occupation and address. We have Vernon’s Burlington Directories for the years 1959 to 2013.

  • Assessment records: Tax assessment records help determine a building’s construction date and identify the original owner and occupants. We have these records on microfilm from 1856 to 1953.

  • City Council Minutes: Former Council minutes are available on microfilm. They are useful to trace the development and changes to a specific property or residential area. We have these records on microfilm from 1852 to 2003.

  • Maps, Atlases, and Fire Insurance Plans: Historic atlases and large-scale maps show the shape, size, and exact location of individual buildings. Fire insurance plans cover the years 1900, 1910, 1924, 1932, and 1977.

We do not have Land Registry Records; they may be accessed at the Halton Land Registry Office in Milton.

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