Library Managers & Key Contacts

building exteriors of tansley woods, new appleby, central, aldershot, brant hills,and alton branch libraries

For immediate help during open hours, please call our main telephone number, 905.639.3611, to speak with staff or visit your local branch.

For questions about the library or your library account, don't hesitate to get in touch with us online for an email reply.

Executive Team

Lita Barrie, Chief Executive Officer and acting Director, Service Development,, ext 1100

Nicole Tewkesbury, Director, Finance & Infrastructure,, ext 1102

Meg Uttangi Matsos, Director, Service Experience,, ext 1210

System Managers & Key Contacts

Digital Resources & Collections Manager: Cody Vanderslot,, ext 1150

Digital Resources & Collections Librarian: Brynley Eckhart,, ext 1219

Local History & Digital Archive Coordinator: Marisa Purdy,, ext 1155

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Manager: David Quezada,, ext 1211

Facilities Manager: James Bokor,, ext 1140

Human Resources Manager: Kourtney Shelton,, ext 1104

Information Technology Manager: Victoria Cullis,, ext 1130

Marketing & Communications Manager: Elise Copps,, ext 1303

Communications Coordinator: Lauren Arkell,, ext 1121

Programming & Partnerships Manager: Tammy Csajaghy,, ext 1203

Branch Managers & Key Contacts

Central Branch: Denise MacIntosh,, ext 1214

North Branches - Alton & Tansley Woods: Frances Hanemaayer,, ext 1405

Neighbourhood Branches - Aldershot, Brant Hills, Kilbride, New Appleby: James Dekens,, ext 1505