Where Ideas Thrive

Where Ideas Thrive

Where Ideas Thrive, BPL's Strategic Plan, 2016-2020

Cover of strategic Plan 2016-2020Idea. It's a small word for the mightiest human capability and the greatest human capital.
An idea is the spark that ignites innovation and the fuel that drives discovery and change. 
Ideas shape every story, every work of art, every advance in science, and every business enterprise.
Ideas are at the intersection of every problem and solution.
As long as libraries have existed, we have collected, classified, and shared ideas and the product of ideas with others. In doing so, libraries have provided rich ground for new ideas to take root and grow.
It's an exciting time to be a library as we evolve and expand beyond our traditional roles. Now more than ever, libraries are communal creativity hubs that encourage people to imagine, explore, and try new ideas—in our spaces and along with us.
Recently, to help us define and prioritize the next four years of our development, we asked you to share your ideas with us. We were amply rewarded with thoughtful and thought-provoking responses. We took every comment and suggestion to heart and, through the planning process, reaffirmed our belief in the power of an engaged community.
Thank you to every Burlington resident and community stakeholder who generously shared your views and ideas in words and pictures.
We invite you to read the product of our collective effort: Where Ideas Thrive, Burlington Public Library's Strategic Plan, 2016-2020
Nancy Douglas, Library Board Chair & Maureen Barry, CEO

What We Did & How We Did It

Part 1 Background research & collecting ideas

An important first step in the Library's strategic planning process was to gather information about and from the community we serve—and we did this in two ways: we hit the books and the Internet, and we hit the streets.

BPLs cube truck with "Where Ideas Thrive" branding placed on cargo sectionPart 2 Creating the Plan

After nearly six months of gathering relevant and timely information from Burlington residents and community partners, it was time for Library leaders to sort through all the data and ideas and identify BPL's key priorities over the next four years.

At a full-day symposium attended by Library trustees, senior managers, and the staff team, a framework for the Plan was built. This included a review of the Library's mission, vision, and values. Once the strategic priorities were set, it was up to the management team to identify the projects and actions staff will undertake between now and 2020 to become the library our community wants and needs.

Ideas Welcome!

While in motion, Where Ideas Thrive is our future-focused roadmap, but we know detours come up along any journey—some out of necessity and some because there are exciting new opportunities to explore.
Here's where you can help. Keep sharing your ideas with us. Do you have a concern about your library experience? Suggest an idea to help resolve the issue. Maybe you've discovered something new that relates to BPL. Tell us about it! Let's work together to make Burlington Public Library even better.