Virtual Art Gallery of Burlington Workshops

Take a virtual art workshop, in collaboration with Art Gallery of Burlington.

In our latest workshop, Exploring Cyanotypes, Art Gallery of Burlington educator Heather Kuzyk presents a simple way of making images on blue photosensitive paper. Inspired by the work of internationally renowned Burlington artist P. Mansaram, whose work is now on exhibit at AGB, you will use found botanicals and cut paper to create new images through exposure to natural light. Learn some of the history of Cyanotypes as an early form of photographic printing.

For participants who wish to create cyanotype art while watching, please have the following materials at hand:

Materials needed:

  • clear tape
  • scissors
  • black ink markers
  • photo negatives or access to a printer
  • items for the photogram, such as dried botanicals from outdoors and objects with interesting shapes, details, and textures from around the house
  • a sink or deep bin/baking pan filled with water
  • a piece of glass from a frame that is at least 5” x 7” in size
  • black paper
  • thick cardboard
  • one foam sheet
  • four 5" x 7" sheets of cyanotype paper

Materials may be found at local arts and craft stores. Additional useful links related to the video can be found below.

In the workshop below, Collage, Art Gallery of Burlington educator Heather Kuzyk introduces you to collage art. Inspired by the work of AGB's fall 2020 exhibiting artists, P. Mansaram and Stylo Starr, learn how to make imagery that combines and reassembles found paper, textures, and pages from books and magazines using cut & paste.

For participants who wish to create collage art while watching, please have the following materials at hand:

  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • a foam brush or paint brush
  • a thick surface like cardboard from a cereal box, cardstock, or thick art paper
  • magazines and books for cutting
  • found items such as concert stubs, bits of paper, receipts
  • an assortment of paper in various colours and textures
  • scraps of fabric (optional)
  • acrylic matte medium or white glue (optional)
  • packing tape (optional)

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