Room Rentals

Room Rentals

Burlington Public Library provides meeting rooms for rent for profit and non-profit groups in library facilities. Rooms may be rented for up to four hours (half day) or up to eight hours (full day) on any one day.

Rent a Room

  • Call 905.639.3611 ext 1110 if you are interested in booking a room at the library. Please call us to find out if a room is available for a specific time and date.

  • The Room Rental Regulations form must be signed and returned with your payment to secure your room booking.


  • Rental fees are fully refunded when a booking is cancelled more than 48 hours before scheduled date and time.

  • No fees are refunded if a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the event.

  • Fees may be waived if cancellation is due to an exceptional circumstance, such as a snowstorm.


  • Renters must bring their own refreshments and supplies, and make sure the room is left tidy and clean.

  • Harmony Cafe is located inside Central Library. Please call 905.639.3611 ext 1125 for catering information.


  • There is a basic rate for a half day and a full day for each room.

  • Burlington-based not-for-profit groups may request to use a room at no charge (Central excluded)

  • Clean up and damage (if required)

  • Equipment rentals

Rental Equipment

  • Flip Chart: $5 (available for all rooms)

  • Sound System: $15, includes infrared hearing assist system and wireless microphone (Centennial Hall only)

  • Large Screen Portable TV: $20 (Holland Room - Central only)

  • SmartTV: $20 (Aldershot, Alton, Brant Hills, New Appleby, Tansley Woods)

  • Overhead Digital Projector: $20 (Centennial Hall, Holland Room, Frank Rose Room, Ron Ness Training Room)

  • Printer: $5 (Ron Ness Training Room only)