All locations have public computers that are loaded with popular office and media (video, graphic, audio) software. The Internet is free at the library, and there is high-speed WiFi access everywhere except Kilbride.

All public computers come with Internet use session management to make sure that everyone has fair access to library computers. This means that you can use a computer for a limited time every day, if one is available.

Chromebook & MacBook In-Library Loan

A limited number of Chromebooks and MacBooks are available for in-library use by adults, seniors, and teen cardholders, and customers with reciprocal borrowing privileges—but not children's, visitor, or temporary cardholders. Please ask library staff at the checkout desk about the availability of these items. You need a BPL card in good standing to borrow a device.

  • The device is checked out to your library card for in-library use only.
  • The device must be returned to the check-out desk at least 30 minutes before closing
  • Replacement or damage costs: $400 for a Chromebook and $1,600 for a MacBook

What You Need to Know About Using Public Computersman using computer

  • You need a BPL library card to sign in. Your password is typically the last four digits of your telephone number, unless you've changed it. Out of town visitors can request a temporary guest pass. If you have difficulties logging in, please ask staff for help.

  • The computer automatically locks after five minutes of non-activity. It will stay locked for five more minutes, then the session will end unless activity resumes.

  • All information, saved or not, is lost when a session ends. Anything saved in My Documents or on the desktop, and your Internet search history is lost at the end of the session.

  • You must click the I AGREE button to connect to the library's network from our Internet Access Policy screen. If you successfully connect, you will enter Burlington Public Library's website.

If you have any problems using a library computer, please ask for help at the nearest Information Desk.

A Word About Your Privacy

Using your library card number to sign in is for time-keeping purposes only. All users who sign in remain anonymous and any information related to your session is lost when you sign out.