Visiting Library Services

Please note that our Visiting Library Services are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19.

When you are unable to get to us because of age, illness, mobility limitations, or caregiver responsibilities, we will come to you.

Enjoy this free library service in your own home, or at your retirement or nursing residence. Once every month, a volunteer provides a selection of up to 20 items for you to borrow. The items can be returned during the volunteer’s next visit.

Our Visiting Collection

The visiting collection is geared to your needs, and your reading and viewing interests. From picture books to graphic novels to large-print books—we have something for every age and reading level.

  • Fiction and non-fiction books in regular or large print, books-on-CD, MP3 audiobooks, and magazines
  • Feature film and documentary DVDs
  • Multilingual books and DVDs, and English as a Second Language kits
  • Music CDs
  • iPads
  • eReaders
  • DAISY books and readers

How do I join?

  • If you live at home: apply yourself or have a relative or social worker apply on your behalf. Call 905.639.3611 ext 1304.
  • If you live in a retirement or nursing residence and a library volunteer currently visits your location: ask your residence staff for details. If this service is not at your location, call 905.639.3611 ext 1304.

Visiting Library Service Online Application

Visiting Library Service Application to print out