Service Up!

We're back online! (And fixing a few things.)

First off, a huge THANK YOU to our wonderfully patient and understanding BPL customers. We are grateful for your good humour and boundless patience (it bears repeating) since we started our software system upgrade on November 2 and during our Aldershot branch closure earlier this month.

The software system upgrade was a major and complex undertaking with many moving parts. Overall, the data migration from our old system to the new one went very well, but here's what we are continuing to work on:

  • Email notifications are not displaying correctly on mobile devices - It's not a vision test! We apologize for the garbled text that appears on your device's screen. We will soon move to a new product that will display legible information.
  • Telephone notifications do not provide pickup location - Please check your My BPL account for pickup details or give us a call.

PIN reset reminder: During the data migration, your PIN was reset to the last four digits of the telephone number we have on file for you. If you want to reset your PIN, please use the reset link below. If you are having any PIN issues, please call us or contact us online.

RESET your My BPL account PIN

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