Science Literacy Week

Science Literacy Week (Sep 20 - 26, 2021) showcases the many ways kids and families can explore and enjoy the diversity of Canadian science. Libraries, museums, science centres, schools and not-for-profits come together to highlight the books, movies, podcasts and events that share exciting stories of the science, discoveries and ingenuity shaping our lives. It’s about each and everyone’s unique relationship with science and how they live it.

This year’s theme is CLIMATE. Throughout Science Literacy Week, you can explore how Canadian climates have evolved over time, how those changes have impacted our lives, and how our climates might change in the future. This year, events are happening both in person and online, and include workshops, presentations, virtual resource kits, and more on everything from composting to astronomy.

Check out the Related links below to learn more and see what's coming up. Plus, you'll find links below for our staff-picked lists of books and other recommended resources for all ages to help you celebrate Science Literacy Week at home.

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