How to Pause a Hold Step-by-Step

IMPORTANT: If you are first in line to get the next available copy or if the hold item is ready for pick-up or 'in transit'you cannot pause the hold.

  • If you are first on the waitlist: Add the title to your For Later Shelf so you don't forget about it, and then cancel the hold. You can place a hold when you are ready to borrow it in the future.
  • If the hold is ready for pick-up: Just give us a call and let us know you don't want it.

When a hold can be paused, here are the steps to take:

Step #1: Log in to to your My BPL account. The screen will open in your My Library Dashboard when you are logged in.

Step #2: Look under MY BORROWING. You can see MY BORROWING in the menu beneath the yellow log in tab and in the main menu of My Library Dashboard. Click/tap on 'On Hold' to reveal your list of items on hold.



Step #3: For each item in your list, you will have the option to either 'Pause hold' - or - 'Cancel hold' - or - add the item to your 'For Later' shelf

  • When you 'Pause' a hold, you will be passed over in line until whenever you 'Resume hold' within the hold expiry time period.
  • While your items are paused, you will find them listed on a separate page under 'On Hold.'
  • When you 'Resume' the hold, you will resume your place in the queue.
Pause a hold Find your paused holds Resume a hold

The For Later Shelf

This is simply a handy tool to keep track of what you might want to borrow in the future. If you are unable to pause a hold because you are first in line but not ready to borrow it, you can select 'For Later' to have a record of it. Important! When you add an item to your for Later Shelf, you are not placing it on hold. You need to either "Place hold' or 'Resume hold' to be actively in queue for the item.

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