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A woman lying on the beach with a large hat on and a book open in her hand.

I Know What You Read Last Summer

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Do your reading habits change with the season? Many people’s do. The number of books borrowed from the library ebbs and flows depending on the time of year. We also notice that the types of books

A minimalist photo of an open book with a film clapboard showing from the middle

From the Page to the Screen

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Whenever a bestselling book hits the screen, the debate starts again—Is it better to read the book first, or watch the movie? When the popular novel Where the Crawdads Sing hit

Learn to Preserve the Harvest

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Late summer is a season of abundance. Fresh, local fruits and vegetables are in their prime. Make this delicious bounty last all year round with simple preserving techniques.


Boy opening a red book that lights up his face. A colourful shelf of books in the background.

Seriously Good Series for Young Readers

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Maybe it was The Chronicles of Narnia, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, or The Hunger Games. Or perhaps Encyclopedia Brown, The Baby-Sitters Club, Goosebumps, or Junie B. Jones. Many of us can fondly

Pink background with hair clips and nail polish. Stack of books in the foreground.

Five Books That Will Bring You Back to Y2K

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If you came of age in the Y2K era, you may find it hard to believe the trends of this time have made a comeback. Butterfly clips, wide-leg Modrobes, and baby tees are no longer safely in the rear-

a backpack, binoculars and two bird books sitting on a concrete bench

Birding Kits Land at BPL

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Bird watching kits have hit the shelves at Burlington Public Library. The backpacks are filled with everything you need for a beginner's birding excursion.

What's in the birding kits?