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The Librarian's Nightstand - Spring 2023

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Have you set your summer reading list yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

These picks are more than just librarian-approved. They come straight from the librarian’s nightstand! We

Graphic Novels Are for Everyone

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Isn't 'graphic novel' just a fancy name for a comic book? Unfortunately for graphic novels, a few misconceptions surround their literary value. So, let's debunk some myths and shed light on why we

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Try TumbleBook Library

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Books virtually come alive in TumbleBook™ Library! This popular digital resource is a collection of children's books with interactive audio. It can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or

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Celebrate Earth Day!

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Earth Day on April 22 is all about how we—individuals, organizations, and municipalities—can collectively take action every day to create a healthier environment. Global problems like climate

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A Reader's Guide to Crime Fiction

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Stories with gripping plots, thrilling suspense, and characters that intrigue and baffle have captivated readers since Edgar Allen Poe’s detective story, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, debuted to

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Seed Library is Open!

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It's officially Spring! And no matter what weather is in store over the next few weeks, nothing can dampen the excitement that this season brings. When trees start to bud and plants poke up

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International Women’s Day Reads

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For over a century, Canadians and millions around the globe have celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th to recognize women’s achievements and ongoing actions to achieve gender

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Fitbits and Hotspots and iPads, Oh My!

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We offer much more than books and DVDs to borrow and take home! A lot has changed over the past ten years—particularly with smart technology—and we've been continuously building our tech

text Freedom to Read Week, February 19 to 25, censorship, freedom of expressions, access to information with an illustration of a woman reading a book to three children with all seated on a sunfower

Banned Books and Why We Love Them

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Thousands of books are challenged around the world every year for political, legal, religious, or moral reasons. And sometimes, they are removed from schools or libraries because a group of people

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A Romance Reading Primer

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It’s February, and LOVE is in the air! Whether you’re new to romance fiction or have been too embarrassed to be caught reading one of “those” books, we’re here to tell you that there’s a lot more

close up view of a book laying on a blanket with mug beside, being held by an adult in the background

The Librarian’s Nightstand, Winter 2023

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Ready to cozy up with a good book? We’ve got you covered. These picks are more than just librarian-approved. They come straight from the librarian’s nightstand! We asked our six branch librarians

hands holding bowl of squash soup with croutons and spoon

Best Comfort Cookbooks

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When a blustery day is in the forecast, and it’s time for “a little smackerel of something,” take a cue from a famous literary bear and reach for a pot—crock, stock, or instant—to tickle your

woman cooking in the kitchen with headphone on

Audiobooks 101

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Listening to audiobooks is a wonderful way to get more reading in. Before we get started with some audiobook basics, we’ll settle the age-old debate. Audiobooks—both digital versions and CDs—are

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Your 2023 Reading Resolutions

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The start of a new year is a chance to pause, reflect, and think about what you want to achieve in the next twelve months. In the spirit of turning over a new leaf, why not try a book-related

2022 Hidden Gems Book Tournament. Headshot of Emma and Kumkum holding their books. BPL logo in corner.

Our Top Hidden Gem of 2022

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Our 2022 Hidden Gems Tournament has ended and we have a winner! After four rounds of voting, our list of 16 champions has been whittled down to just one. 

And the winner is...