More Ways to Print

More Ways to Print at BPL

A black & white printer at Central 2nd floor, New Appleby, and  Tansley Woods branches has the ability to send faxes. Faxes cannot be received at this machine. Fax cost: $1.25/page

new printerMore printing options using BPL's print management system

  • Black & White and colour
  • Single- and double-sided
  • Legal and letter-size

You can send your printing to any full-service BPL branch to pick up (not available at Kilbride). Print from your home computer, laptop, or device to the printer that's most convenient for you.  How to print from your laptop, device, or outside the library

What You Need to Know


At each computer workstation, you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to send your print job to the printer. At the printer, you'll find instructions on how to release your print job. If you have any questions, please ask staff at the closest Information Desk.

Printer locations


  • Black & white printouts: pick up an any public printer
  • Colour printouts: pick up on 2nd floor, outside of the Builders Room, near the Information Desk

Other Branches:

Pick up both black & white and colour printouts at the branch printer.

Copy prices

The printer accepts both paper and coin payment. Cash only; no accounts.

20¢         Black & White Letter (single-sided copy)

30¢         Black & White Duplex (double-sided copy)

40¢         Colour Letter (single-sided copy)                                  

60¢         Colour Duplex (double-sided copy)

Expired printing

Once sent to print, your job expires in two hours if sent to a printer from a library computer, in 18 hours if sent wirelessly from a laptop or device, or until it is printed – whichever happens first.

Cancelling print jobs

Print jobs cannot be cancelled. You need to let the jobs expire.


No one can see what you are printing unless they have your Job Name/ID. It is yours to protect.