Summer Reading Club

End of June to end of August

Starting at the end of the school year, TD Summer Reading Club invites you to keep reading, exploring, and discovering all summer long. Set your own weekly reading goal and celebrate each milestone by checking in at the Library to get high fives, chances to enter for prizes, and to check out more books (of course!).

Summer Reading Club is open to all children from birth to age 12. Parents—establish a family reading routine with your young children or help your school age kids have a great start to the next school year. Together, we can help grow readers!

  1. Visit any library branch to sign up and get a Summer Reading Club Tracker. You'll receive an end-of-summer prize ballot just for signing up. Registering online? Be sure to stop by any library branch to pick up a tracker and ballot. 
  2. Set your Summer Reading Goal as a family.
  3. Get reading!

Read WHAT you want... recipes, instructions, books, magazines, comics, maps

Read WHEN you want... in the car, under the covers, outside, inside, upside down

Read HOW you want... read with your eyes, your ears, your fingers—to yourself or someone else

Set your own weekly reading goal and try to complete this goal every week for 8 weeks. Can you do it? We think you CAN! Use your reading tracker to record your progress.

Once you've completed your reading goal for the week, visit your nearest branch. Tell us about what you read or what fun adventures you've had. Pick up a sticker for your tracker and a ballot for the end-of-summer prize draws.

If you miss a week, come in the next - you'll still get ballots for the week(s) you weren’t able to visit the library.

Parents & caregivers: We welcome and encourage children of all ages and abilities to join the Club:

  • Children are eligible to participate from birth. For children who are not yet reading, set your goal as the time you’ll dedicate to read to/with them.   
  • If your child has a print disability, please ask us for information about alternate formats. You can also find alternate formats on the Parents Corner of the TD Summer Reading Club website (see Related Link below).

Children that keep reading every day throughout summer vacation maintain or improve their reading skills—giving them a great start to the new school year.

Our Summer Reading Club gives kids a chance to read what they want, how they want, when they want, while having fun at the same time – but – sometimes keeping up interest in reading can be a challenge for kids between visits to the library.

As a Summer Reading Club Champion, you play a vital role in keeping your child reading all summer long. Help your child set a reading goal that is right for them and encourage them to keep reading, even after the goal is reached. To keep interest high and ongoing, switch it up—read aloud to your child or read together as a family, along with encouraging independent reading. Making daily reading a habit is a goal we can only accomplish as partners.

Is your child 5 and under? They are welcome to participate in our Summer Reading Club!

Your child’s learning starts at birth. Reading with your newborn, infant, toddler, or preschooler helps create a strong foundation for developing early literacy skills and helps get them ready to read. As your child’s first and best teacher, set a daily reading goal with them—read everything you can (street signs, cereal boxes, etc.), share stories together, or attend one of our Storytime sessions. Together, we can help grow readers!

We are grateful to the organizations who generously donated prizes. Thank you!

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