BPL’s NEW interlibrary loan service

Burlington Public Library now provides a modified interlibrary loan (ILLO) service. In April 2019, the ILLO service operated by provincially-funded Southern Ontario Library Services (SOLS), was suspended.

Recognizing how important it is for Burlington residents to have access to library items that we cannot otherwise provide, BPL developed an interlibrary loan solution that is scaled to what we can manage and fund locally. Likewise, library systems throughout Ontario, including SOLS, are in the process of modifying how they deliver interlibrary loan. By doing so, we can continue to collaborate to best serve our communities.

Now to be eligible for interlibrary loan at BPL, requested items must be:

  • print only; no audio-visual items
  • older than 3 years
  • not held in the public library collections in Hamilton, Oakville, Milton, and Halton Hills
  • not held in Kilbride Public School or Hayden Secondary School collections
  • available from Ontario public, academic, and archival libraries (includes microfilm) only; there will be no out-of-province borrowing or lending.

When you request a title that meets the above criteria, or submit a request through ZPortal operated by SOLS, we will attempt to fill the request through interlibrary loan, to a maximum of five requests per customer each month.

Please note: BPL automatically acquires new, popular, and bestselling items in all available formats, so please do not submit requests for these titles.

Since ILLO's suspension in April, for requested items held in the collections of partner library systems, BPL customers have been borrowing items in person from libraries in Halton Region and Hamilton, Kilbride School, and Hayden Secondary School. This will continue. We fully appreciate that travelling to get items that were previously delivered through the ILLO service is not ideal, and we thank you for your understanding.

Over the next months, we will monitor our modified ILLO service and work with SOLS and other public libraries to provide the most efficient service possible. We hope that by finding a way to continue a valued library service, we are able to serve the widest library needs of the community.

If you have any questions about the new interlibrary loan service at BPL, please contact Lita Barrie, CEO.

Request a Title online form

Reciprocal borrowing from local library systems

Request an interlibrary loan through InfoOntario Z-Portal (for registered users)

Interlibrary loan service service notice, April 2019