Holocaust Education Week

The Holocaust was the murder of six million European Jews and 11 million other people targeted by the government of Nazi Germany and their collaborators during World War II.

To commemorate this tragic and defining time in history, Burlington Public Library, in association with Shaarei-Beth El Synagogue and the Halton Multicultural Council, hosts Holocaust Education Week, with speakers and documentaries that address the history as well as the current rise of global anti-Semitism and hate crimes, and examine how the legacy of the Holocaust has inspired action and change.

In January 1933, the alt-right Nazi party and their leader, Adolf Hitler, rose to political power in Germany. Throughout their term, the Nazi party created the ideology of National Socialism, which disdained liberalism and enforced antisemitism and scientific racism. The Nazi party believed that Jews were an inferior race and a threat to German racial purity. After years of Nazi persecution in Germany, in 1942 Hitler’s “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”—otherwise known as the Holocaust—came into effect with mass killing centers constructed in concentration camps in occupied Europe.

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Event: Remembering the Holocaust special presentation - Tue Nov 5

Event: Facing the Holocaust: Testimonies & Memory special presentation - Wed Nov 6

Event: The Last Survivors documentary - Thu Nov 7

Event: My Italian Secret documentary - Fri Nov 8

Event: Preserving the Holocaust special presentation - Sat Nov 9