Tansley Woods space improvement

Tansley Woods space improvement

Update: May 24: We have a fireplace! Most of the work is ending this week, along with cleanup. Next week we will have an electrician working to install power mid floor of branch for quick access computer.

Update: Wed May 2

The painting continues this week until mid next week. To accommodate the painters, we've temporarily relocated some library items. So, if there is something you are looking for but can't find in its usual place, please ask us for help. Thanks for noting!

Update: Tue April 24

The floor needed extra preparation so there was a delay in laying the flooring on the weekend. Painting starts today. In case you are scent sensitive, please note that there may be lingering paint smells. We expect the painting work will be completed within two weeks. We apologize for any disruption or discomfor this work may cause.

Update: Thu Apr 19

The latest news is that we are getting flooring on the weekend. There could be some residual dust on Sunday that we will work to minimize before opening on Sunday afternoon. Next week, repainting the whole branch starts with expected completion in two weeks.

Update: Tue April 3

The sliding glass entry doors are being repaired this morning and should be completed around noon. Visitors, please note: You can still enter and exit facility, but the entryway will be a busy and congested area for the next few hours. Be prepared to wait a bit. Thanks!

Update: Mon April 2

Renovation activities include preparing the lobby for the new desks plus painting and carpet installation later in the week.

Update: Wed March 28

Visitors to the branch this week will see that renovations at the entrance are well underway. Please be careful navigating the new doorways—they have metal strips at the bottom to keep the door square before the drywall. 

Update: Mon March 19

Things are shaping up! Over the next few days our electrical contractor will do some rough-in work before the branch opens. On Friday night they plan to cut the floor so that the new desks will have access to power.

Update: Thu March 15

Demolition work planned for this evening is postponed. Floorwork is scheduled to occur on Friday after closing.

Update: Wed March 14

Construction of the branch managers office starts overnight on Thursday with the demolition of the drywall, windows, and doors. Replacement framing and some doors and window frames will be added on Friday.

Dust alert! Next Monday to Wednesday, the contractor plans to install and finish the drywall. He expects this work will have minimal mess or noise, but if you have any breathing sensitivities, please be aware that some dust could escape the controls he has in place.

Update: Thu March 1

After the library closes on Fri March 2, the flooring contractor and BPL Facilities staff will remove the tile floor. By 9am on Saturday, we'll be open and ready for visitors. We'll do everything we can to make sure the entryway is safe and accessible.

New carpet tile will be installed once office construction is completed.

Very soon the branch will become an active construction site - watch here and on our social media for updates.

Please note: Starting Fri February 16, we begin to improve the space of our Tansley Woods branch. All library services and programs will continue as usual. We would appreciate your patience and understanding as our space may look a bit messy at times.
Please continue to monitor our website and social media pages for up-to-date information and progress photos.