The 'Sound' and the Library

sound of music festival logoThe Sound of Music Festival is just weeks away! Get your toes tapping and hands clapping at our two pre-SOMF lunchtime concerts, presented in partnership with Sound of Music Festival. Just drop by!

Subourbon Street @Central
Mon June 4 | 11.15am-12.15pm

The city comes alive every year in June for Sound of Music Festival! Join Subourbon Street as they bring their “New Orleans” jazz inside the walls of the library. Location, 2nd floor

Mount Farewell @Alton
Wed June 6 | 11.15am-12.15pm

Join Burlington indie-pop band Mount Farewell for a lunchtime show as they gear up to perform at Sound of Music Festival. The four-piece draws on many influences including LANY, St. Lucia, and Phil Collins. The band’s debut album gained attention from various music blogs, YouTube channels, and radio programs. Location: At the fireplace

Watch the library website and program guide for more music events, workshops, and programs throughout the year.