Titles Book Club - more choices for more readers in 2019

book pagesGreat books generate great conversations—that's why our Titles monthly book clubs are always in demand.

Since launching in 2006, eager readers have lined up early on registration day to make sure they were one of the lucky few to partake in these lively sessions.

In our quest to make more Burlington booklovers happy, we saw an opportunity to build on a great thing—and we're excited to announce the arrival of Titles (2nd edition) in January 2019. It's the book club where you are always a member!

New & Improved

  • Mix & match: Now you can attend any Titles session at any location, not just at your local branch. You choose which books best match your reading preferences and only attend those sessions.

  • Life gets busy: Things happen and commitments change—we get it. Now, if you can't make it to a session, a seat opens up for another booklover. You no longer have to commit to attend all sessions at one location for the whole season.

  • Just show up: Registration is no longer required!

How it Works

Step 1: Check which books will be discussed and where. Winter & Spring 2019 book club selections

Step 2: Borrow, read, and return the books before each book club session you plan to attend.

  • Selected titles may be borrowed for 3 weeks on your library card, and can be renewed as long as there no holds on the book.

Step 3: Just drop in to the desired session(s). There's no need to bring the book with you, nor will copies of the book be provided at the session.

Library staff facilitate the sessions, so come prepared for engaging and energized discussions!

Winter & Spring Titles Book Club Selections

Exact dates for March, April, May - To be confirmed.

Titles Aldershot

Thursday | 1-2pm

Titles Brant Hills

 Thursday Afternoon | 1-2pm

Wednesday Evening | 6.30-7.30pm

Titles Central

Wednesday Morning | 10-11am

Monday Evening | 7-8pm

Titles Kilbride

Saturday | To be confirmed

Titles New Appleby

Tuesday | 1-2pm

Titles Tansley Woods

Tuesday Afternoon | 2-3pm

Wednesday Evening | 7-8pm