Looking for library programs?

We have launched a new self-service registration system with the Fall guide—and there are few IMPORTANT changes to note.

You can find all the fall programs by selecting the PROGRAMS button on the library’s home page. Important! You will no longer find programs by searching the catalogue.

How to search for programs on the library website

When you select PROGRAMS, you will arrive on a page call EVENTS. You now have a few options to make it easier to find what interests you.

OPTION 1: Use ‘Search for events’ bar

  • You can search using an exact program title, for example Burlington Reads Book Club, or you can just type in part of a title, such as Book.

  • Hint: Make sure that you select the date range of your search: Today; This week; Next week; This month; Next month—or else you will just see programs for Today

OPTION 2: Use ‘Filter by’ features: Location, Age group, Event type

Select one, two, or all three filters to find a program.

  • By location: view events at all branches or choose certain branch(es) to see their program offerings.

  • By age group: view all age groups or select by age category, for example, choose Tween for all programs geared to youth ages 10 to 12. The age group categories are the same as used in the Guide.

  • By event type: view all event types or choose by topics of interest. The event type categories are organized the same as in the Guide.

OPTION 3: Use List or Monthly Calendar View

On a computer desktop, the list and calendar view icons are located beside the ‘Today’ button, above the Events title.

  • List view: A list of programs in order of date is generated for the time period you choose.

  • Calendar view: a month-at-a-glance that you can also filter as in Option 2 (by location, age group, event type)

NEW - Track your program registrations online

Now with self-registration, you can also track your program registrations through My Events, located beside My Account on the Events page.

From this location, you can now manage your program registrations to check, cancel, or change your registration.