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Construction work @all locations (updated Mon Sep 17)

noticeUpcoming construction @Kilbride

This fall, the Library is moving to RFID (radio-frequency identification), which uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track barcoded tags in library items. This technology improves inventory control, so it will be easier to find items on our shelves and quicker to use self-checkout.

In preparation for RFID, special gates will be installed near the entrance at each location. The gates will help reduce any checkout errors by identifying items that are not completely scanned at checkout. While the gates are getting installed, entry ways will be busier than usual, with some restricted access and noise.

Expected installation schedule:

Mon September 17: Central

Installation completed: Sep 10-13: Tansley Woods, Brant Hills, Alton, Aldershot, New Appleby

Construction @New Appleby

New Appleby is getting new front doors and an upgraded power door opener for the program room and public washroom.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience as we make these improvements.

Upcoming construction @Kilbride

And here's some great news for our "north of #5/Dundas" customers: On Mon September 24, workers will begin to install a 24-hour external bookdrop, so that you can return borrowed items *any* time it's convenient for you!