Cognitive Care Kits for people with dementia

suzanne acharya with cognitive care kit itemsWe live busy lives, and a brain packed full of memories and information gathered over a lifetime isn’t expected to remember everything. But changes in our ability to remember and make decisions are not always from normal aging.

For those who have (or care for someone with) cognitive impairment from a head injury such as a concussion, a health-related condition such as a stroke, or diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Huntington’s, daily living with dementia can be a constant struggle.

Here’s how Burlington Public Library can help you.

Introducing Cognitive Care Kits

Cognitive Care Kits, a pilot project run through Visiting Library Services at Central branch, help support the skills and abilities of people living with early, mid, and late-stage dementia.

Based on kits provided to Acclaim Health clients, they are free to borrow from the library. The collection of twelve kits comprises four unique kits for each level of dementia.

The kits use the Montessori Method of education that emphasizes a holistic approach geared to each learner’s developmental pace. Every kit contains an assortment of 10 to 12 prepared activities, games, and workbooks that encourage social engagement and success with daily activities.

“Cognitive Care Kits support caregivers looking for fresh ways to help loved ones exercise the cognitive skills they have,” says Suzanne Acharya, Visiting Library Services coordinator. “Each kit is different and inspires new ways to work with someone with cognitive impairment or memory loss.”

Kits may be borrowed for three weeks with a valid Burlington Public Library card. Although not renewable, kits may be exchanged for other kits. First-time borrowers meet with trained library staff for a 30-minute one-on-one tour of the kit, where each item is explained and demonstrated. After the initial meeting, customers may reserve and borrow subsequent kits without additional training. Anticipated demand for the kits is high, so the fine for kits returned late is $1/day.

Please call Visiting Library Services to book a kit: 905.639.3611 ext 1304.

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