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Celebrate Burlington Authors

Celebrating Burlington Authors Travelling Book Display

Canada 150 - Read Canadian, Eh!

chairsCanada's 150th birthday is the perfect time to appreciate how our own city has contributed to the literary arts & cultural heritage of this great country. With this in mind, local author Sylvia McNicoll approached the City of Burlington, the Library, and Ian Elliot from A Different Drummer Books with a terrific idea: let's celebrate currently published authors and illustrators who have called Burlington home during their career. City of Burlington announcement

The result: 73 books representing 43 authors and illustrators are on display from May 12 through December 5, visiting each branch for about one month. In December, the books will join BPL's borrowing collection. Display schedule

What if you want to borrow one of the books now?

You are welcome to browse the display books, but they are not available to borrow yet. The books are 'on display only' for the enjoyment of the whole community—we appreciate your cooperation. Most of the books are either in the collection and available to borrow now/reserve if currently in use, or on order.

Questions about the authors & books?

Please contact Ian Elliot at A Different Drummer Books, 905.639.0925.

Children’s Authors

Rebecca Bender

Pamela Duncan Edwards

Lana Button

Marilyn Helmer

Heather Rath

Jennifer Maruno 

Cathy Miyata

Sharon E. McKay

Sylvia McNicoll 

Jennifer Mook-Sang 

Patricia Storms 

Children’s Book Illustrators

Lorenzo Del Bianco

Wendy Whittingham

Patricia (Patty) Gallinger 

Adult Authors

Elizabeth Crocket

Jen J. Danna

Lorene DiCorpo

A. E. Eddenden 

Jennifer Filipowicz  

Ian Hamilton  

Emerson Lavender  

Denise McKay 

John Lawrence Reynolds

Lee Lamb  

Alexandra Oliver 

Lynda Simmons  

Janet Turpin Myers

Dee Wilson

Mark Zelinski 

Gary Evans  

Jane Irwin  

Former Resident Authors

Robert Bateman  

Linwood Barclay  

Melodie Campbell  

Jill Downie  

Kim Echlin  

Lawrence Hill  

Miranda Hill  

Marni Jackson  

Christopher Moore  

Anitha Robinson  

Deborah Serravalle

Gisela Sherman

Display Schedule

May 12 to June 5 - New Appleby branch
June 6 to July 3 - Tansley Woods branch
July 4 to Aug 7 - Kilbride branch
Aug 8 to Sep 4 - Alton branch
Sep 5 to Oct 9 - Brant Hills branch
Oct 10 to Nov 6 - Central branch
Nov 7 to Dec 4 - Aldershot branch