Burlington READS

burlington readsIt's no secret - even Amazon knows - that Burlington is a community of book lovers. After 11 years of featuring *One* Book for Burlington readers, we are pleased to announce an exciting lineup of authors and books to launch our inaugural season of Burlington READS.

Burlington READS is an author & book talk series that runs in the fall and spring. We feature three celebrated and thought-provoking Canadian books and invite local readers to come together to meet the authors and discuss the titles.

Book club discussions are open to all. Whether you've already read the book or just wondering why it's highly recommended, come to an open discussion about Burlington Reads selections facilitated by our librarians. A copy of the book is not required for the discussion; bring your own, if you wish. Please call any branch or register online. Borrow the fall selections


Meet the Author: Tim Cook, Vimy: The Battle and the Legend

Wed September 19 | 7-8.30pm | Art Gallery of Burlington

About the book

book cover tim cookA bold new telling of the defining battle of the Great War, and how it came to signify and solidify Canada’s national identity.

Tim Cook, Canada’s foremost military historian and a Charles Taylor Prize winner, examines the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the way the memory of it has evolved over 100 years. The operation that began April 9, 1917, was the first time the four divisions of the Canadian Corps fought together. More than 10,000 Canadian soldiers were killed or injured over four days—twice the casualty rate of the Dieppe Raid in August 1942. The Corps’ victory solidified its reputation among allies and opponents as an elite fighting force. In the wars’ aftermath, Vimy was chosen as the site for the country’s strikingly beautiful monument to mark Canadian sacrifice and service. Over time, the legend of Vimy took on new meaning, with some calling it the “birth of the nation.”

The remarkable story of Vimy is a layered skein of facts, myths, wishful thinking, and conflicting narratives. Cook explores why the battle continues to resonate with Canadians a century later. Vimy is a fitting tribute to those who fought the country’s defining battle. It is also a stirring account of Canadian identity and memory, told by a masterful storyteller. (Excerpted from www.penguinrandomhouse.com)

Book Club Discussions

Aldershot: Thu September 13, 10.30-11.30am

Central: Tue September 18, 2-3pm

New Appleby: Wed September 12, 2-3pm


Meet the Author: Plum Johnson, They Left Us Everything

Tue October 23 | 7-8.30pm | Central

About the book

book cover plum johnsonA warm, heartfelt memoir of family, loss, and a house jam-packed with decades of goods and memories.

After almost twenty years of caring for elderly parents—first for their senile father, and then for their cantankerous ninety-three-year old mother—author Plum Johnson and her three younger brothers have finally fallen to their middle-aged knees with conflicted feelings of grief and relief. Now they must empty and sell the beloved family home, twenty-three rooms bulging with history, antiques, and oxygen tanks. Plum thought: How tough will that be? I know how to buy garbage bags.

But the task turns out to be much harder and more rewarding than she ever imagined. Items from childhood trigger difficult memories of her eccentric family growing up in the 1950s and ’60s, but unearthing new facts about her parents helps her reconcile those relationships, with a more accepting perspective about who they were and what they valued.

They Left Us Everything is a funny, touching memoir about the importance of preserving family history to make sense of the past, and nurturing family bonds to safeguard the future. (www.penguinrandomhouse.com)

Book Club Discussions

Aldershot: Thu October 4, 10.30-11.30am

Central: Thu October 11, 6.30-7.30pm

New Appleby: Wed October 10, 2-3pm

Tansley Woods: Tue October 9, 7-8pm


Meet the Author: Tom Wilson, Beautiful Scars: Steeltown Secrets, Mohawk Skywalkers, and the Road Home

Sun December 9 | 2-4pm | Art Gallery of Burlington

About the book

book cover wilson“I’m scared and scarred but I’ve survived.”

Tom Wilson was raised in the rough-and-tumble world of Hamilton—Steeltown— in the company of World War II vets, factory workers, fall-guy wrestlers and the deeply guarded secrets kept by his parents, Bunny and George. For decades Tom carved out a life for himself in shadows. He built an international music career and became a father, he battled demons and addiction, and he waited, hoping for the lies to cease and the truth to emerge. It would. And when it did, it would sweep up the St. Lawrence River to the Mohawk reserves of Quebec, on to the heights of the Manhattan skyline.

With a rare gift for storytelling and an astonishing story to tell, Tom writes with unflinching honesty and extraordinary compassion about his search for the truth. It’s a story about scars, about the ones that hurt us, and the ones that make us who we are. (www.penguinrandomhouse.com)

Book Club Discussions

Aldershot: Thu November 22, 10.30-11.30am

Central: Wed November 28, 2-3pm

New Appleby: Wed November 14, 2-3pm

Tansley Woods: Wed November 14, 7-8pm