PA Day FUN! Fri November 25

Drop by your neighbourhood branch for PA Day Pottermania! harry potter logo with hedwig

Diagon Al-dershot

Drop by anytime, 11am to 4pm

  • The Magical Menagerie Balloon Owl craft
  • Golden Snitch craft
  • Quality Quidditch broomstick craft
  • Twilfitt and Tatting's Matching Hats activity
  • Quotable Characters activity: match the characters to their quotes
  • Harry Potter Quiz:  how well do you know your Harry Potter facts?
Pottermania Day for Teens
  • Quidditch: Play indoor Quidditch on the Teen Pitch! Throw a bludger through the hoop to get a ballot for a chance to win JK Rowling's newest book, "Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them"
  • Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop: Put your feather to parchment:  If you could conjure a spell, what would it be?
  • Ollivander's Wands: where the wand chooses its owner!

And, don't forget to pick up an “Invisible cloak” …

House of Gryffindor @Alton

Drop by anytime, 11am to 4pm

  • Fantastic Beasts Scavenger Hunt
  • Hogwarts Ties craft
  • Wizard Wands craft
  • Sorting Hat Fortune Tellers
  • Harry Potter activity sheets

House of Slytherin @Brant Hills

Drop-in anytime, noon to 3pm

  • Fantastic Beasts Scavenger Hunt
  • Potter Puppets: make finger puppets of your favourite characters like Dumbledore or Hermione, then take part in making a Hogwarts scene for the puppets!
  • Sorting Hat Fortune Teller
  • Wizard Wand Making craft
  • DIY Harry Potter Glasses & Tie craft

Platform 2331 and Three-Quarters @Grand 'Central' Station

Drop in anytime, 10am to 2pm

  • Table Quidditch
  • DIY Harry Potter Glasses & Tie craft
  • Temporary Tattoo Station
  • Origami Sorting Hat
  • Snapes' & Slughorn's Potions class
  • Activity Sheets: Hogwarts Word Search, House Cup Challenge, King's Crossword Puzzle, Who Said That, Marauder's Maze for Magical Mischief Makers, Harry Potter Colouring Book Page
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book draw
  • Fantastic Beasts Scavenger Hunt

House of Hufflepuff @New Appleby

Drop-in anytime, noon to 3pm

Green Screen Pottermania: Choose a background and have a photo taken with Harry and his friends!

House of Ravenclaw @Tansley Woods

Drop in anytime, 12.30pm to 4pm

  • Play Giant Scrabble Board Game
  • Hedwig's Snowy Owl craft
  • Sorting Hat Fortune Teller Game
  • Wizard Wand Making craft