Exam Cram at the library

Exam Cram Study Hall runs January 18 to 28 at all library branches. Drop by during library open hours for individual and group study spaces, treats, and WiFi access. Good luck, everyone!

Activity ALERT!
During exam time, the library is more crowded and can be much noisier than usual. Please expect that seating may be limited during study hall hours. We *love* the buzz that comes with lots of learning and ask that our non-student visitors join us in encouraging and supporting students during this extra stressful time.

EXAM CRAM extended study hours at Central and Alton

If you are studying at Central or Alton branch and are in the library at closing time (see hours below), you are welcome to stay for two extra hours.
Extended study hours are for quiet, individual study only—sorry, no group study. Extended study hall at Central is located in Centennial Hall, 1st floor. Important! Regular library services will not be available during the extended hours.

Central & Alton extended hours  
Mon January 20 9-11pm
Tue January 21 9-11pm
Wed January 22 9-11pm
Thu January 23 9-11pm
Sun January 26 5-7pm

Puppy Rooms
Our favourite four-legged stressbusters are back! Once again, we invite high school students studying for exams to "paws" from studying and enjoy a break with the pups. Drop in anytime.

  • Alton: Mon January 20, 7-8pm
  • Brant Hills: Tue January 21, 6.30-7.30pm
  • Central: Wed January 22, 7-8pm
  • Tansley Woods: Thu January 23, 6.30-8pm

Because excited dogs can tire out quickly, we limit their visitors to 2-3 students for each pup for fifteen minutes at a time. Every hour (or when nature calls) the dogs will have a short break. The pups come to us from St. John Ambulance therapy dog program.

Exam Cram schedule