Culture Days at the library

Culture Days is a national celebration where arts, culture, and creativity intersect, happening this year from Sep 25 - Oct 25. Indoors, outdoors, and online—discover the world of arts and culture across Canada. This year’s theme is Unexpected Intersections - encouraging creative and outside-the-box thinking to reveal new avenues of discovery, learning, and expression.

Reimagined to engage and delight despite the times, Culture Days has extended beyond the traditional weekend to a 4-week interactive, immersive arts and culture experience happening across Canada in-person where possible, and online. Lose yourself in a labyrinth of hundreds of virtual concerts, live shows, exhibits, demonstrations, workshops and more - every option is free. Creators have been waiting to unleash their works and reconnect with the world, and it’s finally time for the curtain to rise. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure of artistry you won’t soon forget.

Find links to Culture Days events and more information below, plus related staff-picked lists of books, audiobooks, streaming movies and more.

Culture Days Burlington 2020

Culture Days events - in and around Burlington

Culture Days online events

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