Book Clubs

Meet with other book lovers and participate in lively discussions.

Burlington Public Library offers a selection of book clubs for a variety of reading interests.
Burlington Reads
Every fall and spring, we feature three celebrated and thought-provoking Canadian books and invite local readers to meet the authors and discuss the titles.
Titles Book Club
Explore a variety of authors, genres, and themes at this monthly book club. Library staff facilitate the sessions, so come prepared for engaging and energized discussions. All locations
BYOBaby Book Club
Whether you have already read it, heard about it, or are looking for your next good read—just pack up the diaper bag and join us with your wee one. 
Read Free
Adults with special needs meet each week for an hour of stories, activities, and fellowship in this book discussion group. Please contact Community Living Burlington for more information and to register. 

Book clubs for young readers
Variety of book clubs for different age group/grades.

Burlington Reads Book Club

Titles Book Club

See events : Book clubs for young readers

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