Strategic Plan

Where do we go from here?

Over the past year, while a global pandemic has been continuously reshaping everyone’s definition of ‘normal,’ Burlington Public Library has been shaping the path that will define our services and guide our decisions over the next four years. We are pleased to share our strategic plan here with you.

We are optimistic—even excited—about the future. At no other time in our living memory have we had the opportunity to redesign library services as we do right now. Back in 1872, it was through the dedicated efforts of local villagers that library services were founded in this community. In this same hopeful spirit 150 years on, we look to Burlington residents today to work with us to help redefine the library they want in their post-pandemic world, as a legacy to future generations.

Since the arrival of the pandemic, our lives have changed in unexpected ways. At this historic junction, we are committed to moving to a truly customer-centred culture that is inclusive and accountable in all we do. We will further our efforts to use the most meaningful data to make informed decisions with community well-being as our true compass. This will provide Burlington with inclusive and sustainable library services focused on healthier living, diverse collections, improved digital access and support, and spaces responsive to emerging needs and population growth.

Burlington Public Library Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Our Mission, Vision & Values