Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning 2020 – Your Library, Our Future

Work is currently underway for our next four-year strategic plan.

Where Ideas Thrive, BPL's Strategic Plan, 2016-2020

As long as libraries have existed, we have collected, classified, and shared ideas and the product of ideas with others. In doing so, libraries have provided rich ground for new ideas to take root and grow.

It's an exciting time to be a library as we evolve and expand beyond our traditional roles. Now more than ever, libraries are communal creativity hubs that encourage people to imagine, explore, and try new ideas—in our spaces and along with us.

In 2015, to help us define and prioritize the next four years of our development, we asked you to share your ideas with us. We took every comment and suggestion to heart and, through the planning process, reaffirmed our belief in the power of an engaged community. Thank you to every Burlington resident and community stakeholder who generously shared your views and ideas with us. Where Ideas Thrive is our roadmap to 2020.

Do you have a concern about your library experience? Suggest an idea to help resolve the issue. Maybe you've discovered something new that relates to BPL. Let's work together to make Burlington Public Library even better.

Where Ideas Thrive, Burlington Public Library Strategic Plan 2016-2020