Library Board Trustees & Meetings

group photo of seven library board members standing outside in front of central branch

The Library Board makes sure that library services are delivered efficiently and effectively—with an eye to the future. Board Trustees are volunteers from the community who are appointed by City Council after a competitive selection process. Board members serve a four-year term.

Photo (l-r): Shawna Stolte, Catharine Benzie, Jennifer Tarnawski, Bianca Tse, Brian Kenny, Lindsay Zalot, Nawaz Noormohamed. Absent: Jason Manayathu

2019-2022 Trustees

Catharine Benzie, Chair

Jennifer Tarnawski, Vice Chair

Brian Kenny

Jason Manayathu

Nawaz Noormohamed

Councillor Shawna Stolte

Bianca Tse (to Jan 31 2020)

Lindsay Zalot

Providing governance & leadership

The work of the board requires a balance of asking big questions, exploring possibilities, engaging in real dialogue, solving problems, and offering direction. We:

  • establish policies that provide the framework for library and board operations  
  • review, authorize, and monitor short and long range plans and how they are implemented
  • together with the CEO, prepare an annual budget that balances library service needs of the community with available funding, and present to City Council
  • monitor finances and make sure the library operates on an ethical and sound financial basis
  • promote and advocate the value of public libraries in Burlington and beyond.
  • appoint the Chief Executive Officer and evaluate their performance

To represent the community and do our job well, we expect members to be well informed on Board issues, attend meetings regularly, and participate fully in Board discussions and decision-making.

Under the Public Libraries Act, the Board:

  • provides a comprehensive and efficient public library service that reflects the community’s needs;
  • employs and evaluates the ongoing performance of the Chief Executive Officer;
  • determines and adopts written policies to govern the operation and programs of the library;
  • establishes and monitors long range goals and objectives for Burlington Public Library;
  • understands the library’s programs and needs of the community in relation to the library;
  • works with the Chief Executive Officer to prepare a budget adequate to carry out the library’s goals and objectives and presents this budget to City Council;
  • is aware of local and other laws that affect libraries and play an active role in initiating and supporting beneficial library legislation;
  • adheres to the Public Libraries Act, its regulations, and legislation;
  • members attend all Board meetings, and committee meetings as assigned. Attends outside meetings, workshops for trustees, and community events;
  • makes sure accurate public records concerning finances, property, and annual reports are on file at the library and with appropriate local, provincial, or national bodies;
  • may interact with provincial library agencies. Reports regularly to governing officials and the general public.
  • promotes and advocates the value of public libraries in the Burlington community.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes 2022

September 22 2022 Agenda |

June 23 2022 Agenda |

May 26 2022 Agenda | May 26 2022 Minutes

April 28 2022 Agenda | April 28 2022 Minutes

March 24 2022 Agenda | March 24 2022 Minutes

February 24 2022 Agenda | February 24 2022 Minutes

January 27 2022 Agenda | January 27 2022 Minutes

Thu January 27 | | via conference call

Thu February 24 | via conference call

Thu March 24 | Location: Holland Room, Central

Wed April 28 | Location: Holland Room, Central

Thu May 26 | Location: Holland Room, Central

Thu June 23 | Location: Holland Room, Central

Thu September 22 | Location: Holland Room, Central

Thu October 27 | Location: Holland Room, Central

Thu November 24 | Location: Holland Room, Central

Thu December 15 | Location: Holland Room, Central

All meetings start at 6.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend and watch the proceedings. For log in information to attend a teleconference meeting, please submit a Contact Us form and we'll be in touch. Items in Closed Session may be attended by Library Board members only.

Past Meetings

BPL Board By-Law

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