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Burlington Public Library provides meeting rooms for rent for profit and non-profit groups in library facilities. Rooms may be rented for up to four hours (half day) or up to eight hours (full day) on any one day.

  • Bookings must be made at least five days before the requested date, except for the Small Meeting Room at Central.
  • To request a room, please submit an online request (see Related Links below).

  • Cancellations may be done through Manage My Reservations or at
  • Rental fees are fully refunded by cheque when a booking is cancelled more than 48 hours before scheduled date and time.
  • No fees are refunded if a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the event.
  • Fees may be waived if cancellation is due to an exceptional circumstance, such as a snowstorm.

  • Renters must bring their own refreshments and supplies, and make sure the room is left tidy and clean.
  • Harmony Cafe is located inside Central Library. Please call 905.639.3611 ext 1125 for catering information.

  • There is a basic rate for a half day and a full day for each room. 
  • Fees can be found on the Room Details page located under the Related Links section.
  • The basic rate includes equipment such as table and chairs, smart television, flip charts etc.
  • Clean up and damage (if required)

Burlington Public Library recognizes the challenges faced by not-for-profits with limited funds to rent space for meetings, programs, and events, and offers space to support the important work they do in the community.

Not-for-profit groups are service-based and without a profit motive, and include community service organizations, culture and leisure groups, and neighbourhood associations. Groups eligible for no charge room use must be based in Burlington or providing direct services in Burlington.

Rooms are available at no charge at Aldershot, Alton, Brant Hills, New Appleby, and Tansley Woods branch locations.

All standard room rental regulations apply. Limited space may be available on library bulletin boards to help promote the meeting, program, or event.

The Library reserves the right to cancel a no charge booking and/or prohibit further bookings if a group disregards any of these conditions:

  • An organization may request use of a room at no charge for up to four bookings in total each calendar year, as space permits.
  • No charge bookings are accepted up to two months before the requested date and must be made at least seven days before the date.
  • Bookings are limited to three hours.
  • The meeting, program, or event held in the room is completely free to participants. If not, a non-profit room rental fee applies.
  • No fundraising events.
  • The booking is for the room only. Audiovisual equipment or sound systems are not available.
  • Organizations are responsible for their own setup and take down. Tables and chairs are provided on request.
  • Bookings will occur during branch hours, from half an hour after opening to half an hour before closing.
  • No charge bookings apply to groups, not individuals.
  • Limited space may be available on library bulletin boards to help promote the meeting, program, or event. Guidelines apply.

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